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The revolutionary, energy-efficient greenhouse covering

  • All-purpose cavity covering
  • For all types of Venlo greenhouses
  • Exceptional insulation
  • High diffusion light transmission
  • Low maintenance
  • Short payback time

2SaveEnergy®: the new boon to energy-efficient growers

2SaveEnergy® is a new, practical and economical solution for energy-efficient growers.This all-purpose greenhouse covering contains an outer layer of transparent glass with adouble anti-reflective coating and an under layer of extremely durable, diffuse F-CLEANfilm between which there is a ventilation cavity. Smart choices and ingenioustechnology make this the first greenhouse covering that combines a highinsulation value and light transmission with an affordable price.

The 2SaveEnergy® concept has been developed by a consortium of expertsuppliers in collaboration with Wageningen Glastuinbouw University andResearch Centre. The combined expertise and capacity for innovation hasresulted in a high-performance greenhouse covering in which the latest technologyand insights are employed to their maximum advantage. The combination of transparent glasswith double-sided AR-coating and a durable, diffuse plastic film has similar insulation properties asmulti-coated double glazing but in a format that is lighter and easier to use. Above all, it allows thesame amount of light through as a standard single-pane covering, which is unable to scatter light.

2SaveEnergy® means:
High insulation + high light transmission + haze + light, affordable construction

Example 1: ventilation window closed

Example 2: ventilation window 2 cm ajar

Example 3: ventilation window open

Cavity covering
The high insulation value of the covering is largely thanks to the cavity betweenthe glass and the F CLEAN® film. This special diffuse film is verydurable and maintains its anti-condensation properties for at leastten years. The film, which features strips integrated on both sides,is pulled from a large roll over the entire length of the surfaceunder the rods on the covering in one single step. The profilesare equipped with special guidance slits which maintain the film tight and in place, directly underthe rods on the covering. This forms a cavity of around 5cm. 2SaveEnergy® benefits fromcontinuous roof ventilation made of multi-coated, transparent double AR glass.

The advantage of ventilation
An exceptional feature of 2SaveEnergy® is the active greenhouse air cavity ventilation, which meansthat the covering is kept free of ice and snow in the winter. To ensure optimum ventilation, the ductshave openings to the cavity and small ventilators can be connected to them. Air is blown back intothe warehouse by way of grooves in the rafters which open with the slightest opening in the ventilationwindow. A flexible rubber strip holds the ventilation window ajar to close it off from outside air.

Light transmission and energy saving

Deskstudy in 2014:
Wageningen Glastuinbouw University and Research Centre has investigated and calculatednumerous aspects of this revolutionary greenhouse covering. This research found that it was possibleto achieve hemispherical transmission of 80.7% and vertical transmission of more than 90.6% for aglass/film combination, which is comparable with a standard covering.

According to the calculations, a year-round tomato crop under Dutch conditions would require agas consumption of 19m3/m2, which is 7m3 less than the 26m3 that can be achieved in a standardgreenhouse for New Style Cultivation with two adjustable screens, a fixed film in the start-up phaseand dehumidification with fresh air intake.

Practical test in 2015:
A year-long practical test conducted in the demonstration greenhouse (500m²) in the groundsof Wageningen UR in Bleiswijk confirmed that the theoretical values can be easily achieved inpractice. Thanks to the high insulation value of the 2SaveEnergy® covering, fewer hours arescreened in the winter, which means this greenhouse concept allows more light to reach thecrop at a time when it is most needed. The final report by Frank Kempkes of Wageningen UR containing the results of the practical test can be downloaded after publication (February 2016) from the www.2savenergy.nl website.

Preliminary results of the practical test:

  • Dimensions of the greenhouse: span size 4.8m, section size 5m and post height 6m
  • Covering system: 2SaveEnergy® with clear glass with doubleAR and diffuse F-Clean
  • Screen system: double Luxous 1347 FR cavity screen
  • Tomato variety: Cappricia (middle-size cluster)
  • Year-long energy use: approx. 16m³/m² (goal was 19m³/m²)
  • Year-long production: approx. 65kg/m² (goal was 63kg/m²)

Test greenhouse
2SaveEnergy® is a new concept for which practical experience has been obtained in a testgreenhouse on the land of Wageningen Glastuinbouw University and Research Centre in Bleiswijk,built with the support of the ‘Greenhouse as source of energy’ programme by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and LTO Glaskracht Nederland. In 2015 tomatoes (year-round, unexposed) weregrown following the principles of New Style Cultivation.

2SaveEnergy® has been developed by a consortium of leading suppliers in collaboration withWageningen Glastuinbouw University and Research Centre. The partners involved are: Van der Valk Horti Systems B.V., Boal Group B.V., VDH Plastic Greenhouses B.V. andAGC Chemicals Europe Ltd.
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