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What is F-CLEAN?

The base material for F-CLEAN is ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), a fluorine based plastic.

ETFE resin is extruded into a very thin homogenous film. This is a complex process and is done in a controlled factory environment which is dust-free and where a constant temperature is maintained.

F-CLEAN is a specific version of ETFE developed for applications in the horticultural industry as well as in the architectural industry where light transmission is important. Specifically selected fluor granulates are the base of the production process. These give a product with the highest possible level of light transmission.

Throughout the production process additives can be added in order to give the final film specific properties, such as anti-drip characteristics and/or a UV-block.

A thin ETFE film, F-CLEAN® Greenhouse Film is the preferred covering material for horticultural greenhouses as it lets in more light than glass, PE film, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets.

By allowing maximum UV light transmission (up to 94%), F-CLEAN ensures earlier harvest of better quality fruit and vegetables and more colorful flowers.

Low surface energy gives F-CLEAN film non-stick and self-cleaning properties so greenhouses remain clean naturally with rain or snow. And snow will automatically slide off, saving the cost of labor-intensive and expensive snow removal.

No condensation will ever fall onto plants as F-CLEAN has excellent anti-dripping properties.

This highly durable ETFE film has protected greenhouses for more than 30 years without showing signs of deterioration. Grades range in thickness from 60 µm (2.4 mil) to 100 µm (4 mil).


  • Light transmittance up to 94%
  • Translucent to ultraviolet light
  • Anti-dripping and self-cleaning properties
  • Very high reflection and refraction rates
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Low degradation from sunlight and heat (more than 30 years without any deterioration)


  • Covering material for horticultural greenhouses
  • Diffused versions restrict light intensity for sensitive crops
  • Double layering of covered materials promotes heat retention, reducing the cost of heating
  • Ultraviolet block series controls amount of ultraviolet light

Advantages of F-CLEAN

  • More light

F-CLEAN® is 94 % light transparent ! This is 4-5 % more than normal glass used for greenhouses or P.E. foil. As a general rule 1% more light will mean 1% more 'gain' in terms of yield.

  • Dirt Resistance

A key advantage of F-CLEAN is that it is dirt resistant. The low surface tension of the film means that all it takes to clean the greenhouse is a shower of rain or snow. Should snow land on the greenhouse, it simply slides off which ensures optimum light inside at all times. F-CLEAN requires no cleaning at all during its lifetime which means significant labour cost savings.

  • Fire resistance

F-CLEAN is a self extinguishing material which is certified B-1 (DIN 4202 part 1). ETFE, the base material from which F-CLEAN is made, is rated UL 94-0 by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

  • Improved crop quality

Unlike glass F-CLEAN allows in ultraviolet light which has a positive effect on the quality of fruit and plants. Fruits ripen more quickly and develop a better colour. Flowers gain more intense colour. The presence of UV light with F-CLEAN ensures the plant and fruits are less susceptible to disease and undesirable intermode elongation is prevented.

  • UV-block (optional)

For particular applications where the amount of ultraviolet light needs to be controlled AGC Green-Tech offers a version of F-CLEAN with a UV-block called F-CLEAN GR series

  • Anti Drip Characteristics

F-CLEAN does not allow condensation to form which could drip onto the plants, fruit and flowers. Drops of condensation which reflect the sunlight are kept to an absolute minimum when F-CLEAN is used.

  • Higher light transmittance than glass

F-CLEAN is made from the fluoropolymer, ETFE. ETFE film is far superior to glass, PE greenhouse film and other material that is used to cover greenhouses. F-CLEAN allows in more light than PE film, polycarbonate, PMMA sheet and glass. Light transmittance of F-CLEAN is 93-94%. This high rate of light transmittance means higher and healthier yields, faster growth and ultimately more profit from the yields.

  • Diffused light

F-CLEAN is available in both clear and diffused versions. Although plants like sunlight they can get too much direct light. The diffused version of F-CLEAN is ideal for areas where the crops run the risk of getting burnt from intensive light.

  • Low light reflection

F-CLEAN has such a low reflection and refraction rate that even low incident light enters the greenhouse. In addition to direct light, F-CLEAN's transmittance of diffused light is very high. Even on cloudy days light reaches the crops. All year round light enters the greenhouse from early in the morning to late evening, thus optimising the natural daylight available.

  • Heat retention (double layered F-CLEAN)

Heating costs are significantly reduced if two layers of the covering material are used. However in doing this the amount of light entering the greenhouse is normally also reduced which leaves the grower with the problem of choosing between light and warmth. The exceptionally high transparency of F-CLEAN means the grower can have both light and warmth and save up to 30 percent on heating cost compared to using traditional materials.

  • Excellent durability

F-CLEAN is designed to have the same lifespan as the greenhouse structure (approx. 15 years) it is mounted on, so replacing the film is not necessary. F-CLEAN is tried and tested; there are greenhouse structures covered with F-CLEAN that are over 27 years old and show no sign of deterioration.