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Plastic covering

The right plastic covering to guarantee a perfect growth of the crop!

We use thermal anti-condensation plastic films from 0.18 mm to 0.22 mm thickness for all our plastic greenhouses. The light transmission percentage for the PE films used is between 88% and 92% depending on the type of film. Which type of film to use is discussed thoroughly with the customer. When doing so we consider the crop and other important requirements, so that the right choice of film can be made to guarantee a perfect growth of the crop.

UV stabilisation

UV stabilisers in the film neutralise the negative effects of ultraviolet light so that the lifetime of the film is extended.


Low thermicity is obtained by adding mineral fillers and/or the use of EVA. These substances act as a barrier to the long wavelength infrared radiation and prevent too much cooling down at night. The lower the thermicity percentage the better.

Anti-condensation working

Adding special additives to the film causes the condensation to spread and form a thin film of water that can be drained off through the gutters. Our aluminium gutters are designed specially to allow the condensation water to be collected.

UV-transparent films

UV open films allow a high percentage of the UV-B radiation that is important for hardening, colouring and compact growth to be transmitted. Because ultraviolet radiation is not beneficial for all crops UV blocking films can also be supplied.

Diffuse films

Diffuse light is very important for plants. The diffusion of the light ensures that there are no cast shadows, the light is more uniform and the bottom leaves also get sufficient light. The more diffuse a film the lower the leaf temperature thus preventing symptoms of direct burning on leaves and flowers.

Double layer film

All our plastic greenhouses can be supplied with double-layered film. This has several advantages, the biggest being the energy savings. Up to 40% energy can be saved by using a double-layered plastic film with air between the layers as covering relative to, for example, a greenhouse with single panes of glass.


We give a 5-year materialguarantee on all films supplied and fitted by us.

ETFE Plastic films (F-Clean)

We can also supply other films, such as F-Clean, on request.